Professional, quality care

We understand the importance of providing quality care to each and every patient we treat. Our goal is to provide personal care with effective results to our patients to enable them to feel well cared for, to return to their normal function, to help them achieve their personal goals in regard to their physical functioning level and to allow them to have fun and learn how to take care of themselves. We accomplish this by having a low patient to therapist ratio and by providing a friendly and caring professional environment where the patients' experiences in the facility are outstanding.

We strive to create an exceptional reputation within our community and to have our clinic known for giving the highest care and services in Lafayette Parish.

2014-2015 Award Winner In The Field Of Physical Therapy

We have an outstanding patient-oriented company that honestly cares for each patient as an individual so that anyone with any health related questions or need for the proper health practitioner or health related service can rely on our professional staff to assist them in any way we can. Please use our site to learn more about your condition and about us. If you think you may benefit from our services or are unsure of how physical therapy can benefit you, please contact us for a free assessment.