Outpatient Physical Therapy & General Rehabilitation

At Scott Physical Therapy our core services focus primarily on injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons) as well as post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation needs. 

Outpatient Physical Therapy

We offer:

  • Individualized treatment plans 

  • Nationally certified & state licensed clinicians 

  • Identify & target specific deficits 

  • Short-term, achievable goals 

Our hands on approach is extremely successful in helping our patients restore physical function, regain mobility, build strength and endurance as well as to enhance their motor skills needed to perform activities of daily living.

Worker's Comp Physical Therapy

Worker's Comp Physical Therapy

Scott Physical Therapy offers timely, cost-effective Worker's Comp services designed to not only treat on-the-job injuries, but also return injured workers to the job with minimal risk of re-injury. We offer a multi-faceted approach rather than relying on one single approach. We offer e-stim for pain management when other management systems have failed.

  • Based on a valid job description and comprehensive interview of the injured worker, our physicians will develop return-to-work goals specific to each patient's injury and on-the-job activities.

  • Our comprehensive, convenient, and customized approach to Worker's Comp extends beyond the injured worker. Our staff provides timely communication to all involved parties, including employers, primary physicians, case managers, and legal representatives.

We know education is key to preventing on-the-job injuries from happening. We offer excellent information to keep our patients free from pain and back to their regular job duties. 

Sports Physical Therapy  

After a sports injury or corrective surgery therapists at Scott Physical Therapy develop individualized recovery programs to address a host of orthopedic problems including those affecting the shoulder, back, neck, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, or foot.

 Sports physical therapy promote healing, restores range of motion, increases endurance, and helps athletes get back in to the game. It combines exercise, strength training, gait training, manual therapy techniques, and education to promote optimum health and maximize function.

Sports Physical Therapy

Some of the more common sports injuries are:

  • Fractures

  • Sprains & Strains

  • Rotator Cuff Tear

  • Tennis or Golfer's elbow

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

  • Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Tear

  • Meniscus Tear

  • Achilles Tendon Tear

The goal of sports injury physical therapy is to treat, rehabilitate, recondition, and return the physically active population to their prior activity level. We emphasize the importance of early injury recognition and treatment. Our focus is for a quick and safe return to activities.  

Senior Care Physical Therapy

The Senior Care Program is a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation and fitness program specifically designed to improve the functional independence of the elderly. The program is offered as a proactive, first-line of treatment, specifically when certain conditions such as edema, soreness, stiffness, and general weakness exist. 

Senior Citizen Physical Therapy

Some of the conditions in which physical therapy can help are:

  • Recovering from injuries like a broken hip

  • Pain in all parts of the body such as knee, back, shoulder, wrist, etc.

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Diabetes

  • Stroke

  • Vertigo

  • Multiple Sclerosis 

  • Cerebral Palsy

We have specialized programs to fit your exact need and rely on many different techniques to achieve the desired result. 

Auto Accident Physical Therapy

Often, individuals experience little or no symptoms initially following a car accident but subsequently suffer from a variety of symptoms including pain and decreased function and mobility. Often the trauma associated with these types of injuries takes days and sometimes weeks to manifest itself. That is why it is important to receive immediate and appropriate treatment following an auto accident. The longer you delay treatment the harder it may be to get back to normal. 

auto accident physical therapy

After an accident, we can help patients recover from the following:

  • Painful whiplash and neck strains, which can lead to severe headaches and muscle spasms

  • Back injuries that can limit motion and cause nerve pain

  • Numbness and loss of sensation in the limbs

Although not the same as a physical therapist, massage therapists helps patients in a similar way by treating muscle and soft tissue injuries after a car accident. Many patients enjoy the experience of massage therapy because they believe it allows them to get better in tune with their body and actually understand which pressure points are causing pain.